Video Marketing

No.1 Marketing Strategy

WBL utilize Video Marketing strategies for the promotion and marketing of your services and products while increasing engagements on social media along with mainstream media. Video marketing is basically the promotion of your products and services through long and short videos for the purpose of brand awareness. Businesses have always been making creative yet captivating videos to promote their business growth but that traditional method required a ton of marketing b budget. Whereas, Web Business Listings (Pvt.) Ltd. will market your videos in just a fraction of that huge budget with multiplied results.
Our approach to your video promotion is quite cost-efficient and market-effective. Accomplishing the goal of reaching your targeted audience is easier than ever and that too with resolutions such as 4K. But you need to choose the video editing and video production team carefully because that’s the foremost part of video marketing. If there is some issue in the video production then all video promotion efforts will be in vain.
Video is indeed the second most popular way of marketing that is seen by potential customers and gets awareness about your brand. Social media platforms are considered to be the most popular in this regard such as TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. SEO-optimized video marketing enhances the chances of sales and conversions. Almost 30% of marketers include video content to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of their brand or business. Almost 82% of video marketers have claimed that their lead generation has gone up my manifold after they acquired the services of WBL. Especially sales persons have been found fond of video marketing because they observed that videos could convey a better message than other types of marketing. It also allows them to connect better with their customers.
Mobile phone users are the driving force behind the increased need for video marketing. Cost-effective mobiles and ever-increasing access to the internet have caused a huge flow of video content accessible to viewers. According to some analytics, 77% of the surveyed mobile users watch online videos. Educational videos and those kinds of videos that offer a solution to a specific problem are mostly in demand from video producers.

If we talk about the most video viewing platform, YouTube then according to stats entertainment has also been a medium bringing maximum views.

There are several ways that the right kind of digital marketing video could bring the highest number of viewers, and lead and end up generating maximum sales in just one month. Videos help the audience put a particular recognition to your business, company or brand. It also allows your new potential customers to buy your services or products while sitting in the comfort of their homes. It was mostly observed in online sales in the days of the Covid-19 breakout.
The benefits of video marketing could be countless but the main ones may include:
⦁ Attract big investors
⦁ Better retention rates
⦁ Improve search engine rankings
⦁ Boost views, leads and ultimately sales
⦁ Videos play an important role in the SEO of your brand
WBL Marketing Strategy is quite unique and a glimpse of which is:
⦁ Development of inbound methodology
⦁ Connect with relevant stakeholders
⦁ Decision to choose metrics for tracking
⦁ A deep insight into your viewer interests
⦁ Set an affordable budget for video marketing
⦁ Choose the best platform for video distribution
⦁ Set the best timeline for promotion and upload of videos
Our expert video promoters have proven wonders while implementing the inbound methodology, which is also the best kind of reasonable marketing. We focus our sales approach on attracting customers through interaction and content that are relevant for customers along with the common viewers.

Each video you create should be addressing a specific purpose while offering a solution to the customers. This solution must be efficient and effective then you would be more able to convert your leads into matured sales.

Don’t forget about the sales and marketing Flywheel that we utilize to better implement our video marketing policies and strategies. We also never forget to include Call-to-Action (CTAs) in videos that may compel a viewer to check your latest promotions.

We have targeted a specific set of goals for marketing your videos, such as:
⦁ Grow online reputation or Brand Awareness
⦁ Generate more leads and sales
⦁ Improve website SEO
⦁ Consideration
⦁ Decision
So, what are you waiting for? CALL WBL NOW and get your brand famous worldwide.